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Woodlighters extends its service in architecture too as our primary focus is designing the interiors, thus gave us an opportunity to accommodate our client’s requirement to give a turnkey solution. We aware the importance of client-architect relationship and seek to understand and interpret your ideas, being conscious to convey effective solutions on projects undertaken by us.

Commercial Interior Designers in Coimbatore

Working in a collective manner with the client, as well as with contractors and consultants throughout the design process is something that Woodlighters feel as critical in delivering a quality product that meets the expectations and emphasizes all facets that are vital.

Woodlighters have extensive experience working in several areas of architecture including residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our main focus and area of specialty is in residential field, having designed and delivered various scale of projects.

We seek to balance our designs with their natural environments through careful and thorough analysis of the project location.

We believe that a building’s creative should bridge the gap between interior and exterior environments. We work to devise solutions that can capture clean contemporary lines, a fundamental respect for flexible, functional and habitable space.

We equipped with advanced design tools to cater our profession effectively to communicate and deliver our projects. Producing high quality drawing sets for permits and construction, we develop our projects as a virtual 3D model design. The images and walkthroughs we ensure that you experience the entire design process, informed decisions, and ultimately have a clear understanding of what the final experience of the building will be.